Albania is a holiday destination – send 10,000 illegal migrants straight back there

WE have an immigration crisis ahead of us right now – and Labor and the Left are in turmoil.

They are Angry.

The Chamber of Labor is seething with anger – not because of the immigration crisis, but because people they disagree with are able to talk about it on the BBC


The Chamber of Labor is seething with anger – not because of the immigration crisis, but because people they disagree with are able to talk about it on the BBCPhoto credit: Getty

Not because of the crisis. They don’t seem to care much.

But because the BBC let Nigel Farage speak about the problem on World At One.

And because Home Secretary Suella Braverman is “demonizing” asylum seekers.

That made her angry.

Fat Labor MP Richard Burgon was furious over the Farage interview.

He thinks nobody should be interviewed who doesn’t share his idiotic views.

And The Guardian has hammered Braverman for her strong words about the number of migrants turning up on the south coast.

A very large number of those currently crossing the English Channel are Albanians.

Of the 12,000 newcomers, 10,000 were younger men.

Border Force clandestine channel threat commander Dan O’Mahoney has attributed the “exponential surge” in arrivals to Albanian criminal gangs “getting a foothold” in northern France.

Once there, Albanians will be linked to Albanian gangs in Britain, which dominate trafficking in drugs, prostitution and weapons, MPs were told last week.

So when the hand-wringing fools of the refugee agencies — who effectively facilitate these dangerous crossings — tell you that there are many women and children, that’s a blatant lie.

Ditto for those who tell you they can all be trained to be brain surgeons.
Where critics of the government have a very good point is that we have had Tories in government for 12 years.

And the problem hasn’t gotten better. It’s gotten worse.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Any program put in place by the government to reduce the flow of illegal migrants will be opposed tooth and nail by Labor and the Lib Dems.

They seem perfectly happy to have as many come as they want.

But then, hypocritically, they are upset when more and more people are killed during the horrific Channel crossing.

Human rights lawyers and charities are also fighting tooth and nail to prevent the government from doing anything meaningful about the crisis.

The plan to send migrants to the African country of Rwanda for clearance is still stuck in the courts.

Call the left-handers’ bluff

These lawyers and do-gooders are the same people who get angry when the government tries to push violent, drug-dealing criminals back to their countries of origin.

Instead, they think these criminals should continue to live among us.

And they’re happy the seafaring migrants are being housed in hotels costing taxpayers millions of pounds.

Nothing will change until we free ourselves from the international laws that prevent us from tackling the problem decisively.

These laws are shockingly outdated.

We need the right to send the migrants to Rwanda. Last but not least, it could act as a deterrent to discourage others from coming.

And with the Albanians, old Farage is spot on. Put them on a plane and send them straight back to Albania.

It is estimated that up to two per cent of Albania’s adult male population have traveled to the UK in small boats.

Albania is at peace. It’s a vacation destination.

We should worry a lot less about overcrowding in immigration centers.

We should worry a lot less about what the refugee agencies – it seems every second of every day on the airwaves – are saying needs to happen.

We should be concerned about the cost to the taxpayer, the rise in crime and the pressure on housing, education and transport.

Call on the left-handers’ bluff – and get really hard.


Don't try to fool us, bro - you're doing this for the dosh


Don’t try to fool us, bro – you’re doing this for the doshCredit: PA

“Some might think I’ve lost my nerve,” former Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the press.

Something Matt? Quite a few of us weren’t convinced that you were overloaded with marbles in the first place.

He had just announced that he would star in the next series of I’m A Celebrity. . . Get me out of here!.

As a consequence, he was thrown out of the parliamentary Conservative Party.

And MPs lined up to tell him to resign.

Of course he should. Why should he be allowed to work part-time?

He has told anyone who will listen that more MPs should “embrace popular culture”.

That’s why he did it, he insists.

Mr. Hancock, you do it for the money, mate. Don’t try to fool us – our marbles are intact.

A job advertisement for prison guards was banned because of racism.

It showed a white prison office speaking to a black inmate.

If it had been the other way around, apparently it would have been fine.

So this is the new racism. And in my opinion it’s just as bad as the old racism.

l THE Tories have reduced Labor’s massive 33-point lead in opinion polls.

The gap between the two parties is now only about 25 percent! Worse, this is probably a dead jump.

As you see when at the end of the league the team drops their drongo of a manager and suddenly the team beats Manchester City.

Before it becomes useless again. So this could be as good as it gets for Rishi.

A majority of 80 seats were destroyed almost overnight.

Never before has such a great opportunity been missed in such a spectacular way.

Sorry to ask, but does anyone here or in the US actually LIKE James Corden?

And if not, why do they keep giving him shows?


If you're over 14 and still reading about house elves, talk to yourself


If you’re over 14 and still reading about house elves, talk to yourselfPhoto credit: SWNS

A load of socks was left on a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

A closer look reveals that they were left there in honor of someone named “Dobby”.

I assumed it was some Welsh guy who had drowned nearby. But no, Dobby is apparently a house elf from the Harry Potter books.

And the beach is where Dobby died and was buried in one of the movies from those books.

So the humans created a shrine for the elf. And local naturalists worry some of the socks left for Dobby could harm local wildlife.

Listen you fool. Dobby is a fictional creature. He never really existed. So he can’t have died either.

And Harry Potter is a series of books for children. If you’re over 14 and still reading about bloody house elves, you’re arguing with yourself.

I MENTIONED last week that those two internet cables that were cut near Shetland were not an accident.

Now a THIRD internet cable has been cut. This was severed in what the owners called an “act of vandalism”.

It connected the French city of Marseille with Barcelona, ​​​​Milan and Lyon.

One way or another, I think we’re going to find out that somewhere Mr. Putin is behind all this wire-cutting activity.

I just hope our government is up to the same kind of deal.

I KNOW tax cuts aren’t the flavor of the month.

I know the mention of anything about them drives the dingbats that run our money markets insane.

But the truth is, we need a tax cut to get our economy moving.

Not at the top tax rate. And neither below.

It’s the many millions of hard-working middle-income people who both deserve a break and are most likely to spend it when they get it.

Lower the rate from 40p to 38p and pay for it by increasing the maximum rate to 46p.

End of the world again? Armageddon bored of it

Quite a few sound as if they would welcome annihilation by a planet-destroying asteroid


Quite a few sound as if they would welcome annihilation by a planet-destroying asteroidPhoto credit: Getty

A HUGE, planet-destroying asteroid is coming our way.

If it collides with the earth, we will go the same way as the dinosaurs. I keep mentioning this, but no one seems to care.

Quite a few sound as if they would actually welcome the annihilation. I think that’s because for two decades the eco-idiots have been telling us that we’re all going to be dead soon anyway.

We’re all armageddoned out.

This asteroid is expected to swing past us within four million miles — a tiny distance in astronomical terms.

If anything changes course, see how much your heat pump, electric car and vegan diet are using. Albania is a holiday destination – send 10,000 illegal migrants straight back there

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