Andy Cohen blows up Lisa Rinn for alleged Aspen influence

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Andy Cohen blows up Lisa Rinn for alleged Aspen influence

Andy Cohen said that if Lisa Rinna brought a second envelope containing bills from Kathy Hilton’s alleged “psychotic break” in Colorado, she never showed them at the “Beverly Hills True Housewives” convention.

“She had receipts from Aspen that we never saw – which I never saw. We didn’t get to them, we didn’t cut them from the program, she never gave them back during the program, so that’s the story of Rinny’s bills “, Cohen, 54, said on Wednesday episode of his SiriusXM show “Andy Cohen Live.”

Earlier this week, Cohen told fans that 59-year-old Rinna had brought one envelope with bills over her Elton John Aids Foundation dispute with Sutton Stracke, but that scene was cut because it was “enough” with a year-long dispute.

Rinna then took to Instagram to say that she actually had two envelopes, one of which contained text messages she sent to different people when Kathy Hilton had an alleged crash during her infamous trip to Aspen.

“I write Rinn, go,“ I said on the radio today that your bills were about the Elton John Aids case, was that what it was? Were there also Aspen receipts? ” Cohen said he asked her.

The host of Watch What Happens Live then explained that Rinna told him what she revealed on Tuesday – that she had brought eight printed pages of text messages that she had sent to Erika Jayne and her friend from a third while she was alone with Hilton during her alleged collapse.

“She said” it was sort of a confirmation that I sent those text messages that night “and it was, and she never took them to court for consideration. We never got to them, ”said Cohen, referring to the convention.

Cohen explained that he re-addressed the envelopes because he went on social media and saw fans saying “Rinna’s calling you a liar” over his only envelope claim.

“I am the one who says I believe both of these situations are true,” he concluded.

Rinna was silent about the updating of Cohen’s accounts.

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