Canadian TikToker Asks Americans What A Double-Double Is & The Responses Are LOL (VIDEO)

A TikToker from Calgary exposed just how little Americans know about Canada in a series of videos. In one, she asked Americans what a Double Double is and people on TikTok are screaming at their phones watching the responses.

Spoiler alert: literally no one she asked in the U.S. knew what the iconic Tim Hortons drink was.

The TikToker, @lifeofjadeee, posed a simple question to Americans on the street walking by: “If a Canadian asked you to bring them a ‘Double Double’, what are you bringing them?”

Although the U.S. is Canada’s neighbour, they seem to lack some essential knowledge about the national favourite — Timmies. For all you American readers out there, a “Double Double” is a Tim Hortons order for a coffee with two creams and two sugars.

The responses were kinda creative though , to be honest.

Most of the Americans immediately looked panicked about being tested on anything Canadian and answers range from burgers to poutine. A lot of people answered “In-N-Out” for some reason even though the fast-food spot doesn’t actually exist in Canada.


Tim’s > In-N-Out .. right?? ☕️ 🍔 canadian #timhortons #innout #asu #americans

Canadians on TikTok are not impressed by the answers.

“Not me screaming Tim Hortons man,” one person commented.

Others were all for the American version of a Double-Double.

“I mean, I wouldn’t be disappointed if they brought me a double cheeseburger instead of a coffee,” someone wrote.

A few people in the comments seem just a little frustrated. One wrote: “Not even close!”

To be fair, some Canadians don’t seem to know anything about the iconic American chain restaurant either.

Someone in the comments asked: “I am Canadian so what is an In-N-Out?”

Jade Must Know

The video series, called Jade Must Know, was started by Jade Koch, who told NewsKilo that she has “always been the kind of person that smiles to people on the street or somehow ends up having strangers spark up conversations.”

She took her natural talent and started creating content which has taken off on YouTube and TikTok.


Cartoons are the new Canadian currency 😅 #jademustknow #canada #americans #asu #looneytunes

She films locally in Calgary but also takes her followers on her travels to show other perspectives — like in America. For her first video in the U.S., she asked people in California where Alberta was.

“Not a single local that I had asked knew, and not only that, some couldn’t even tell me where Canada was in comparison to the United States,” she said.

She then headed to Arizona to see if it was the same there, and boy was it ever!


Should Calgary be on the same level as Van and Toronto!? 🤠 #jademustknow #yyc #calgary #alberta #asu

“I visited a University Campus, Arizona State University, to see if it would change the narrative. For the most part, the theme was the same: whether they were asked about Canadian lingo or who our Prime Minister was, the majority didn’t know the answers about Canadian trivia,” she said.

Although Canadians might be disappointed in the responses, Jade said that after each interview “strangers are a bit more knowledgable and we all leave, laughing or having a better time than we were before the encounter.”

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