Cricket player Virat Kohli hotel room video went viral on Twitter

Cricket is one of the most loved sports around the world. People are crazy about it, especially in India, where cricket players loved a lot. Indian cricketers are very active on social media. Virat Kohli Hotel Room Video post pictures of their daily lives and information about upcoming games. They do a lot of things besides just playing matches, which keeps them in the news and on people’s minds. Virat Kohli is one of only a few Indian cricket players who make the game interesting to watch. Follow NewsKilo for more info.

Virat Kohli Hotel Room Video

Even though Virat already popular, his popularity has grown. Since he got married. As a result, people always interested in hearing about what he during the day. But this time, he is angry because a video from his hotel room made its way online. The footage from his video is making the rounds online and getting a lot of attention. On Monday, October 31, 2022, Virat Kohli talked about a terrible thing that happened to him while he was living in Perth. He says that what happened to him was “shocking,” and he is very angry and sad. He said that when someone he didn’t know came into his room, it was a “complete invasion of privacy.”

How Viral Kohli get hurt?

Even though he wasn’t there, someone took a video of his shoes, clothes, and other things and put it online, where it has since gone viral. The former captain of India shocked by how the “admirers” treated him and asked his privacy respected and that he not made fun of in public. In the video, a fan walks into the hotel room of the cricketer. During Kohli’s break, he took pictures of all of his accessories and put them online.

Virat Kohli’s hotel room’s full CCTV footage

The fan who recorded the video and the hotel for not giving their guests enough privacy have both left Virat speechless and angry. How can someone get into someone else’s space without their permission? Virat wrote an Instagram post, “I completely understand fans get overwhelmed and excited.

Virat Kohli hotel room video

When they watch their favourite players and are always excited to meet them, and I have always liked and appreciated their excitement. But right now, this video has shocked me and made me feel very suspicious about privacy invasion. Several cricket players have said what they think about this. David Warner of Australia said, “This is completely disgusting and totally unacceptable. After seeing Kohli’s post and comment, someone said, “Was this @crownperth?” When the hotel staff finds out what happened, they apologise. You can now watch it on every social media site that has videos, so you can do so there.

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