Cricketer Virat Kohli Hotel Room Complete Video Went Viral on Twitter, YouTube & Reddit – Viral Video

One of the most popular sports in the world is cricket. People are incredibly passionate about it and show cricketers a tonne of love, especially in India. The Indian cricket team is very active on social media, where they post pictures of their daily activities or information about upcoming matches. They are quite involved in other things besides just matches, which keeps them in the news and in conversation. Virat Kohli is one of the Indian cricketers who makes the game worth watching for some people.

a viral video from Virat Kohli’s hotel room

Even though Virat is already well-liked by the public, his popularity has grown since his marriage, and as a result, people are constantly curious to learn more about his daily activities. He is upset this time around because a video from his hotel room leaked online. His video’s footage is currently making the rounds online and drawing interest. Virat Kohli shared a terrible experience that he had to deal with or endure while he was living in Perth on Monday, October 31, 2022. He describes his experience as “shocking” and is quite hostile as well as depressed. He claimed that after an unknown person entered his room, he experienced a “complete invasion of privacy.”

Why Did Viral Kohli Happen?

The person who recorded his shoes, clothes, and other accessories and posted them on social media while he wasn’t there is now going viral. The former captain of India expressed his utter shock at the “admirers’” actions and demanded that his privacy be respected or that he not be made an amusement object of public display. During the break, he recorded all of Kohli’s accessories and posted them online. In the video, a fan enters the cricketer’s hotel room but his face is hidden.

Full CCTV footage from Virat Kohli’s hotel room

Virat is completely taken aback and enraged at the fan who made the video as well as the hotel for the level of privacy it affords its visitors. How can someone enter another person’s room without that person’s permission? Through an Instagram post, Virat addressed the entire situation, saying, “I completely understand that fans get overwhelmed and excited while watching their favorite players and are always excited to meet them, and I have always liked and appreciated their excitement, However, after watching this video, I was shocked and am now very wary of privacy invasion. Many cricket players have expressed their opinions on this. After seeing Kohli’s post and comment, Australia’s David Warner said, “This is absolutely disgusting and wholly unacceptable. Was this @crownperth.” When they learn about the incident, the hotel staff apologizes. Every social media network now offers access to video.

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