Elizabeth Scherer on reddit, judge in parkland shooting case videos and photos

Elizabeth Scherer on reddit
Elizabeth Scherer on reddit

The defense attorneys for the Parkland school shooter received an argument over whether or not they should hear statements from the relatives of the victims. As a result, Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer asked Fort Lauderdale Public Defender Gordon Weekes to sit down during a hearing Tuesday.

Several parents of the victims of the 2018 Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland appeared in court to criticize Melisa McNeill, the public defender assigned to their case. Additionally, Weekes attempted to convince Scherer to prevent the incitement of violence by addressing Marcus’ objection. In response to Weekes’ statement, Marcus objected to his claim that only defendant Nikolas Cruz caused any violence.

Weekes mentioned a grieving mother’s observation when he stated that no one reacted to her statement. Additionally, no one appeared shocked by the defense’s children stoking Karma’s flames. Weekes encouraged the court to steer the state away from these observations’ momentum by directing them to stifle it.

The only thing the state has said to any witness when they get up is to ask if they would like to say something on behalf of their victim. They have not encouraged or incited anyone, according to McCann.

After the defense attorney made a disparaging remark about the father’s loss, his fatherly colleague rejected the statement. Judge Scherer then ordered Weekes to sit in the back of the courtroom, in addition to ordering him to stay away from the lawyer.

Weekes stated that the defense lawyer had to view the venom expressed by the court as he defended his own actions.

During her trial, McNeill asked Weekes to take a seat when she brought up her children. Scherer then told Weekes that McNeill had chosen to focus on her children during her defense. Weekes refused Scherer’s repeated requests to take a seat. Eventually, he walked away.

After Weekes’ out-of-line behavior was noted by Scherer, the two moved through the sentencing process.

Scherer mentioned Tamara Curtis, the public defender’s assistant, during her argument with the defense. Curtis was absent from the courtroom at the time.

In the face of their displeasure over these offenses, such as middle-finger salutes and gales of laughter, how can anyone deny that they’re unhappy? This courtroom is clearly not satisfied with their cavalier and disrespectful demeanor.

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