I only park my car on the road once a month but my neighbours hate it, they’ve even slashed my tyres to make their point

A WOMAN has vented her frustration after her neighbours started kicking off that her partner parks his car on the road “once a month” rather than on his drive.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and claimed that her neighbours are so irate about it, they’ve even gone so far as slashing his tyres.

An anonymous woman told how she feels like she's being "terrorised" by her neighbours. Pictured, stock image


An anonymous woman told how she feels like she’s being “terrorised” by her neighbours. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty
The woman drew a diagram with blue indicating the driveway, green the hedges covering garden of neighbour on different street, red her house and pink her partner's car


The woman drew a diagram with blue indicating the driveway, green the hedges covering garden of neighbour on different street, red her house and pink her partner’s carCredit: Mumsnet

In the post, she penned: “My partner’s tyre just got slashed after countless arguments with different neighbours because he sometimes has to park on the street maybe one or two days a month.

“He makes sure to park at the end of the road where there are no houses and that he isn’t in front of anyone’s house or drive.”

She went on to explain how their drive parks two cars but you can only get the one at the front off so, if she needs to leave for business at 4am, then her partner puts his car on the road the night before and moves it back the next day.

“Previous arguments have been neighbours saying that because we have a drive, we have to use it 100% of the time and OH has to get up at 4am to play musical cars,” she continued.

“Ironically, most people on the street have drives but don’t use them and park across their drive or elsewhere on the street. These are the ones moaning at us.”

The woman noted that while it happens “infrequently,” it’s got to the point of tyre slashing and the couple feeling like they’re “being terrorised by the neighbours.”

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She concluded: “We’re moving soon (thank god) and have to get a skip meaning both our cars will have to be on the road and we really can’t afford 8 new tyres when they inevitably get slashed.

“I’m so worried.”

She went on to ask whether people think she’s being unreasonable parking a car on a road, not blocking anything, once a month – and added that calling the police “feels pointless” as they’re moving soon.

“Get forward and rear dash cameras. Your neighbours are unhinged,” suggested one social forum user.

A second advised: “Criminal damage is being committed and I’d certainly involve the police, perhaps ask for a visit from a neighborhood team and make it quite visible.”

A third penned: “You’ve no proof your neighbours slashed the tyres, the odds are v high but there’s no proof so I’d use the police as a frightener.”

Meanwhile, a fourth agreed: “You can park wherever you like as long as you are not blocking their drive. You pay your road tax and they don’t own the road.

“Utter insanity that someone would slash tyres over this. I wonder if there is maybe a little more to it? How have interactions been previously?”

A further added: “I understand not wanting to get the police involved as you are moving.

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“So the neighbours would rather you played musical cars at 4am than Park perfectly legally on the road?

“If this is the case I would be making sure that musical cars at 4am was not quiet, then point out when someone complains that the usual legal solution had your car tyres slashed…….”

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