I put out a ‘hot mom alert’ about myself but I’m trolled for it – people say I’m ‘overconfident’

THE days of women hiding their beauty after motherhood have been long gone.

One mother attested to this by sharing her good looks with the world.

Natalie is a digital content creator and mother


Natalie is a digital content creator and motherCredit: TikTok
She took to TikTok to reveal her good looks


She took to TikTok to reveal her good looksCredit: TikTok

Natalie is a digital content creator with a body to die for.

Her TikTok alone boasts over 700k followers and counting.

She took to the social media platform to bear it all.

“Hot mom,” she wrote over the video of herself adjusting her outfit.

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She wore thigh high stockings, Daisy Duke-style short shorts, an off-the-shoulder black crop top, and finished the look with classic black pumps.

She flipped her hair up and revealed her stunning and taut visage.

“Hot mom alert,” she wrote in the caption.

The viral video received well over 340k likes and nearly 1500 comments.

Many fans supported Natalie’s bold choices and praised her in the comment section.

“You really are beautiful sweetheart,” one wrote.

“You are a perfect being,” another said.

“Thank you,” she replied to both.

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However, not everyone rejoiced at Natalie’s confidence as she received some negative feedback from trolls.

“I agree, pretty but way way to overconfidence,” the hater wrote.

She stunned in a barely-there ensemble


She stunned in a barely-there ensembleCredit: TikTok

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