Kim Kardashian and North West face backlash over Michel Jackson’s hat

Netizens are unhappy that Kim Kardashian allowed her daughter Northwest to wear a Michelle Jackson hat to this year’s Halloween.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Northwestern dressed up as Michelle Jackson for Halloween

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, North West, channeled Michael Jackson this Halloween.

She wore a leather jacket with a white T-shirt and heavy makeup on her face, recreating the late singer’s features.

However, the nine-year-old also donned the King of Pop’s famous off-white hat he wore in the music video for his 1988 single “Smooth Criminal”.

In case you didn’t know, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star purchased this authentic hat from an auction held in 2019. She reportedly bought the Christmas present for one of her children.

In addition, the mother of four purchased the velvet jacket Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party in 1997. He also wore the same outfit to the screening of the movie “Ghost.”

Still, reports say Kardashian spent about $65,625 on the item.

Social media users slam Kim Kardashian and Northwest Michelle Jackson’s hats

Some internet users were underwhelmed by Northwestern wearing something historic.

Additionally, they called the gesture “insensitive” when they attacked the Kardashian family for buying Michelle Jackson’s hat from auction.

“Wearing dead icons just for fun,” one user wrote.

Beyond that, the second joked, “I know Michael is back refreshed, hehe!”

A third user noted, “There’s something sinister about it all. First Marilyn’s dress, now this one.

Meanwhile, a fourth user mentioned, “It’s time to cancel Kanye’s kids.”

Another mentioned, ‘Real hats. The whole family sucks.

Also, someone said, “Why does she keep destroying historical objects?”

Another user shouted, “This doesn’t suit me at all, Michael’s kids or museums should have treasure like this, they don’t deserve it, she’s just playing with it as a toy, that hat means to a lot of fans, It’s really sad.

Another said, “A lot of people don’t seem to realize the cultural significance of these objects, but they should be preserved and displayed in museums as part of popular culture. I can’t walk into a museum and ask to try on an authentic 20s flowy dress, Why can Kim do this?


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