Naomi Watts wants to start the “menopausal revolution” with the wellness brand Stripes

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Naomi Watts wants to start the “menopausal revolution” with the wellness brand Stripes

Naomi Watts has earned its stripes.

The Oscar-nominated actress, 54, has played many unique roles in her career, but this year she added a new line to her resume: the champion of menopause.

Stripeswhich Watts launched on October 18, focuses on the growing menopause market with “science-based holistic solutions” including skin care, hair care, supplements and vaginal care products.

The Watcher star told Page Six Style that she had been encouraged to start her own brand for menopausal and perimenopausal women after feeling “stigmatized” and not being told what she was going through.

“I was in perimenopause at 36, a word I didn’t even know about at the time,” Watts said.

Naomi Watts
Watts attended her brand promotion event on October 19 wearing a suitably striped dress.
Getty Images for Strips

“My personal experience with menopause mirrored what I went through with a fertility that turned out to be very lonely and embarrassing because it didn’t” just happen, “she continued. “And I knew I didn’t want to go through these feelings again.”

Already an experienced cosmetic entrepreneur, co-founder of the clean beauty brand ONDA in 2014, the actress of “King Kong” decided to help women who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause.

As well as offering products like cooling spray ($ 42) i vaginal probiotic ($ 40), the Stripes website also offers “Menopulators” with helpful articles on how to navigate through the years of menopause and wellness magazine under the title “Adults”.

Striped products
Stripes are products designed to solve skin, hair and vaginal problems in the menopausal and perimenopausal periods.

Watts, who told Page Six earlier this year that going into menopause “was a shock and nobody gives you any preparations,” hopes Stripes will arm women with information and products to make them feel better prepared than she is.

“We have to do as much as possible to alleviate unnecessary suffering,” she said.

Sharing that “in Hollywood and generally there is a lack of representation of women in this age group,” the actress “Ring” added that as time went on, “there is much less shame about it and everything has been going on since then. changed. Conversations are easier now, we are on the precipice of the menopausal revolution. “

When asked about her favorite Stripes products, which was formed with biotechnology company Amyris, Watts shared this “Movement of Power” Serum ($ 85) topped her list.

“It contains a patent-pending formula of ectoine and squalane that really toughens my skin, leaving it plump and moisturized,” she explained. “It doesn’t hurt to have some, Oh My Glide, on my nightstand as” there “if you catch my drift,” said the star, referring to the brand oil for lubricating the vagina ($ 40).

As for her other favorite beauties, Watts said, “Kate McLeod’s Body stone ($ 45) has been in my arsenal for a long time. It is a permanent lotion. I also love Gucci Westman’s makeup also Chef’s “glow” ($ 69) i collagen ($ 50). “

Power Move straps
Watts said she is a “big fan” of the Stripes “Power Move” serum.

When it comes to menopause, the star of Twin Peaks said she hoped more talk about women’s changing bodies would come to the fore.

“We hope to inspire women to be solidarity to end the stigma and normalize menopause,” she said, adding that she hoped “women will begin to understand that aging is a privilege and a time we can feel proud of. our accumulated experiences ”.

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