Netflix Korean Drama The Fabulous Delayed Due to Seoul Stampede

Netflix has announced that it will be delaying all Korean Drama titles like The Fabulous due to the ongoing situation in Seoul.

The company says that

“While we have no current plans to change our global Netflix content policy, we understand and respect the community’s desire for greater communication around this issue.”

This decision comes as a surprise to many fans of Korean Dramas, who had been eagerly awaiting new episodes of their favorite series.

Some viewers are blaming the recent string of shootings on South Korea’s entertainment industry for creating an environment where violence is glorified.

Others say that binge-watching dramas without reading subtitles are partially to blame.

Regardless of how you feel about Korean Dramas,

This controversy is sure to have an impact on viewership numbers moving forward.

Seoul Stampede

On Saturday night, a deadly stampede occurred in the nightlife district of Itaewon in South Korea,

resulting in 153 deaths and over 100 injuries.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, as of 6 a.m., there were 154 deaths, 33 serious injuries, and 116 light injuries resulting in an overall 303 casualty count

Many of the people who were injured in the crash were in their twenties,

and emergency personnel and pedestrians did everything they could to save them.

According to the South Korean Interior and Safety Ministry,

153 people were killed in Saturday’s apparent crowd surge in Seoul’s popular nightclub district, Itaewon.

Among the 153 fatalities, 56 men and 97 women were killed as a result of the crowd surge at Itaewon on Saturday.

It is still not clear what caused the crowd to swarm into the narrow alley near the Hamilton Hotel.

At first, the crowd appeared to be orderly and peaceful

But then a commotion erupted, and people began to push and crowd into one another.

A survivor quoted by local media reports said that five to six men pushed others before one or two fell.

The Fabulous
Seoul Stampede

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Netflix Korean Drama The Fabulous

The Korean drama series The Fabulous has been put on hold following the massive Itaewon Halloween crush.

On October 29, a large crowd of people gathered on the streets of Seoul to celebrate Halloween.

Sadly, a crush then occurred in the narrow alleyways of the Itaewon District which resulted in hundreds of casualties, including more than 150 deaths.

As a response to the tragedy, Korean dramas, scheduled broadcasts, and music concerts have all been delayed in Korea, including the upcoming Netflix series The Fabulous.

The Korean drama series The Fabulous has been put on hold following the massive Itaewon Halloween crush.

The original release date for the Netflix Korean drama series ‘The Fabulous’ was Friday, November 4.

However, the release of the series has been postponed because South Korea is currently in a period of national mourning.

A Netflix representative told Naver News that both the pre-premiere press conference and the international streaming release had been postponed,

And a new release date remains To Be Announced.

The Netflix Media Center currently has The Fabulous listed as ‘Coming Soon’.

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