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A flight that originated in Dubai transported many hundreds of expatriates back to their home country of Ghana.

Over 450 Ghanaians who had been trapped in the United Arab Emirates in August have been returned home, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement saying that the stranded individuals “were misled by unscrupulous brokers who offered non-existent opportunities in Dubai and other regions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

According to the authorities, 80 casualties were returned to Ghana by air with the help of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity institution in Dubai and other kind people.

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“Additionally, 20 Ghanaians were evacuated with the support of an individual and friend of the Government of Ghana, Mr. Abdul Rarsak-Daheer in September 2022, on board Egypt Air,” it added.

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It said that the prohibition on the direct-to-home recruiting of Ghanaian labor migrants to residences in the Gulf nations continues in effect until further notice.

Legal recruitment of skilled employees (other than domestic househelp) to the Gulf States is unaffected by the restriction.

“The Ministry advises traveling Ghanaians to desist from embarking on journeys via illegal routes to various parts of the world since this almost always has an unfortunate outcome,” the statement noted.

Ghanaians repatriated from UAE

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