Quavo in heated argument before fatal shots new video from shooting

New Video From Shooting

Takeoff and Quavo shot

The rapper Takeoff’s manager has just spoken out about the rapper’s shooting death and said Takeoff was struck by a stray bullet.

Late on Tuesday, the Migos rapper’s representative shared a message on social media that read: “We are horrified that senseless violence and a stray bullet have taken another life from this earth.”

Another Video from Different side

Outside of the Houston bowling alley, Quavo was face-to-face with a group of men; Takeoff and others supported him while he sparred for more than 30 seconds before the gunfire started.

Takeoff is standing a few feet behind Quavo while they are having a disagreement that you can see and hear. Someone — possibly Quavo — says, “I don’t get down like that!” during a conversation about playing basketball.

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A single gunshot is heard a few seconds later, and as everyone begins to flee, a barrage of shots are fired into the throng. In total, you can hear more than ten rounds, at least two of which appear to have been fired from different weapons.

People started running in all directions to escape the shower of gunshots, which caused chaos. Takeoff was shot close to his head, as we previously reported, and despite Quavo and a bystander’s best efforts to revive him, he was declared dead at the site.

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