Swap BNB to AVAX on Godex: An Easy Guide

How to Swap BNB to AVAX in a Few Clicks on Godex

The BNB/AVAX trading pair has been attracting a lot of attention. Is it smart to swap BNB to AVAX at this point? Many reasons point out it’s a good idea, but the call is yours. If you are going ahead with the trade, you need a simple and reliable exchange like Godex. Here’s how and why to use Godex to convert BNB to AVAX!

BNB to AVAX: The Specifics of the Trading Pair

At this point, BNB is positioned better than AVAX. It’s at #5 in the overall crypto ranking and has about eight times bigger market cap. The comparison to last year shows the price drop wasn’t as significant as with AVAX. And the fact that Binance is among the most reputable exchanges is a positive sign for BNB.

On the other hand, Avalanche is a decent Ethereum competitor. However, it lost over 60% of its value in the last 12 months. It remains to be seen how AVAX would react to a potential ETH 2.0 upgrade in 2023. Avalanche is likely to present upgrades to remain competitive, so there shouldn’t be any worries for the token’s future.

BNB to AVAX: The Technicalities

$42,813,071,569 Market Cap $4,930,896,624
#5 Market Position #16
$690.93 (May 2021) All-Time High $146.22 (November 2021)
$0.09611 (August 2017) All-Time Low $2.71 (December 2020)
161,337,261.09 BNB Circulating/Total Supply 295,769,751.71 AVAX
$265 Current Price $16.67
~ -30% Price Change (September 2021- September 2022) ~ -63.7%

How to Exchange BNB to AVAX on Godex?

  1. Visit the Godex website. The design is mobile-friendly, ensuring you can access it from any device. 
  2. Pick the trading pair. You’ll see two fields where you pick the sending and receiving currency. If you are swapping BNB for AVAX, choose BNB as the sending currency and AVAX as the receiving currency.
  3. Enter the desired amount. The platform will show how much AVAX you get for the desired BNB amount immediately. If you are ready, click on Exchange to proceed.
  4. Choose the necessary details. You need to enter the Avalanche wallet address, but don’t forget to pick the type of network for delivery. You can also enter a promo code if you have one.
  5. Deposit funds and finalize the transaction. You’ll see the deposit address where you can send funds and complete the transfer.

The Perks You Will Get with Godex

Why should you consider Godex, and what makes it better than the other exchanges? Here are the main benefits it offers:

  • No need for registration. Godex is a decentralized exchange, and you can enjoy total anonymity when trading crypto.
  • A fast process that only takes a few clicks. You can execute a trade in a minute or two.
  • Fixed-rate guaranteed for 30 minutes. That ensures there won’t be hidden surprises if it takes a few minutes to deposit funds to the specified address.
  • Fast order execution time. Godex promises the order execution won’t take more than 30 minutes, although most transactions are completed in five.
  • Over 300 coins supported. BNB and AVAX aren’t the only trading pair available on the platform. Experienced traders will appreciate the generous selection of altcoins.


BNB and AVAX have been around for years, and their future seems bright. It might seem like Avalanche is a more tempting option, so you want to swap Binance Coin and get AVAX. If that’s your call, always stick to an online currency exchange with an excellent reputation. 

Decentralized platforms like Godex ensure total anonymity and impressive speed when processing transactions. Experienced traders know the importance of having an exchange to rely on when they need a fast trade. If the current charts show now is the right time to act, don’t hesitate to go ahead with that BNB to AVAX swap right away! 

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