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Martha Mwihaki Hinga Bio, Wiki, Age

It is unknown if it is a man or a woman.

But it has long been known that Martha Mwihaki Hinga, a well-known name on Facebook, is an anonymous blogger who, thanks to her nose for celebrity scand*als, managed to terrorize the Central region’s gospel industry.

The blogger has emerged as the only source of juicy rumors about celebrities, and thanks to her exposés, the region’s showbiz has found its online mojo again.

Mwihaki has exposed numerous sins in the gospel industry by remaining anonymous and having a large following.

She is also unyielding, has no favorites, and strikes out ruthlessly, all while claiming to be on a mission to sanitize a corrupt industry.

She breaks down her exposés into sections for the clergy, crooners, media figures, and politicians who get caught with their pants down.

By identifying those who take off their Akorinos while out partying and put them back on Sundays, she has exposed even those who wear them for religious reasons (Akorino).

Additionally, she has exposed those working for gospel ministries who organize fundraising events for charitable causes only to keep the proceeds for themselves.

It is rumored that some people in the sector stage humanitarian crises, hold fundraising events, and use the money raised to escape to a life of fine dining and excessive partying.

Real name Martha Mwihaki Hinga
Nick Name Martha Mwihaki Hinga
Gender Female
Birthday Sunday, May 31, 1998
Birthplace south africa
Age 25
Zodiac (Birth sign) Unknown
Net worth Unknown
Primary Income Source Facebook, is a faceless blogger
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eyes color Dark brown
Eyes shape Round Almond
Skin tone Natural warm undertone
Hairstyle Medium-length
Height 154.94 cm (5’1″)
Weight 60 kg
Waist size 35 inches
Bust size 32
Hip size 35
Dress size N/A
Shoe size N/A
Mother Name N/A
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Religion Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Caste Unknown
Language south africa
Accounts Links
Instagram Unknown
TikTok Unknown
Facebook Martha Mwihaki Hinga

The viral video of Martha Mwihaki Hinga

According to reports, philanthropist Karungu wa Maurya recently came into existence. He was given quite an interesting trip that was sponsored to Dubai, but he was sent home because he was the one who was discovered to be at the center of this storm after dating an influencer named Nyambu Ithaga.

If we talk about the well-known blogger Maratha, who has left a clue, everyone is curious and shocked when they assume some of the real facts, such as the fact that he is dating Nayambu, and they are both really famous and they are coming into existence. He was the one who accompanied Martha on the trip, which is said to have been to Dubai, even though it wasn’t formally announced. However, if we are talking about his marital status, they are not currently wed.

Masanja Mkandamizaji is also gaining attention after it was reported that he gave his wife a large gift—reportedly a luxurious car—on her birthday following an extramarital affair. Although most people were shocked to learn about this particular event, some also accused the influencer of hypocrisy and called him a home robber.

As far as we know, they are both now coming into existence, but when people began to question them about the entire situation, they both denied that it was simply happening to take down content that was circulating on social media. This particular couple is loved and supported by many people, who also acknowledge that they are very happy. However, according to Nyambu, it is people who are talking and giggling about them.

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