Who was Takeoff? The Rapper shot to death in Houston

The recent gunshot death of rapper Takeoff has left fans shocked, saddened, and curious. This has thus raised questions about what caused the musician’s passing. Let us take a look at this article to know some more details.

Who was Takeoff?

Take off was an American rapper whose real name starts with Kirshnik Khari Ball. known best as a member of the Migos hip-hop group, Quavo was his uncle and Offset his cousin.

The rapper was not much popular individually but his contribution to the Migos group with his uncle and cousin made him a well-known rapper in the Industry.

In 2013 Migo’s hit ‘Versace’went viral and attained its 99 spots on the Billboard 100, the rapper, therefore, became a little well-known and also started making music in 2011.


Rapper shot dead in Houston

Rapper Takeoff was shot in Houston

recently when he went to a Halloween party there with his uncle Quavo.

The rapper went to celebrate the Halloween party with Quavo and was thus playing dice with a group of people when a fight broke out and someone opened fire at that location, which resulted in the death of the rapper. Quavo, though, escaped harm.

As per reports, the shooting happened as a result of an altercation during the dice game when someone opened fire at the scene. The statements of eyewitnesses say that TakeOff was either shooter in the head or near his head and thus pronounced dead at the scene.

50 individuals were reportedly there when the shooting occurred, and as a result, two of them sustained injuries.

Well, Police have not released any information about the suspect. However, the rapper posted a photo of his Instagram story of himself at the Bowling alley, where the shooting happened.

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Who was Takeoff dating?

Well, as per sources, Takeoff never involved with any major Hollywood personality or from the music industry didno

According to reports, he was single at the time of his death. However, in the past, he dated Dreamdoll in 2018 and model Heather Rose and Ruby Rose also in 2016.

On August 2020, news also came up in which Takeoff was involved in a lawsuit filed by a female victim on charges of sexual violence, assault, gender violence etc.

The fact that Migos gave the star initial success in his group made his popularity increase and double even more. And now each one on social media, from his fans and his fellow music industry mates, everyone mourns his death.

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